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SoundShield™ Advantages:

  • Very high efficiency
  • New builds or retrofits
  • Environmentally safe
  • Meets ABS standards
  • Extremely long lasting
  • Easy to install and customize
  • Advanced materials technology
  • Attractive, cleanly appearance
  • Wide range of products

Sonic Felt is made from NOMEX brand fiber, the same product that has become the standard in military and civil aviation noise control. Sonic Felt has been treated to be oil and water proof. Sonic Felt will not settle or emit dangerous airbourne fibers when exposed directly to air like fiberglass, and is 100% fire proof. When installed under our special Perforated Plate and vapor barrier, this product is ideal for long lasting engine room noise reduction and air intake baffling.

Note: Sintered refers to the material being flame sealed to to prevent fiber shed.


Surface Colors
No. Rolls
SoundShield SF-025 (1/4" non-sintered)
4' x 8'
SoundShield SF-050 (1/2" non-sintered)
4' x 8'
SoundShield SF-025 (1/4" sintered)
4' x 8'
SoundShield SF-025 (1/2" sintered)
4' x 8'

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