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We manufacture and sell SoundShield™ marine acoustical insulation products which are the highest quality and most effective marine sound insulation material on the market. SoundShield™ outperforms the traditional fiberglass and lead material, is longer lasting and much easier to work with and install.

SoundShield™ Advantages
Very high efficiency (see chart below) Easy to install and customize
Can be utilized in new builds or can be retrofit   Uses advanced materials technology
Environmentally safe   Attractive, cleanly professional appearance
Meets ABS standards   Wide range of SoundShield™ products for specific applications
Extremely long lasting as compared to other materials    


SoundShield™ Product Listing

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Use: Insulate and contain noise in mechanical spaces.
Use: Limiting transmission of noise and vibration around larger diesel engines and in machinery spaces.
Use: Engine room noise reduction and air intake baffling.

Use: Minimize the noise generated inside the living space of a boat.
Use: Isolates deck vibration from the cabin area.
Use: Thermal insulation and structural vibration dampening.

Use: Ideal for covering all Sonic-Felt products.
Use: Reduce reverberation.
Use: Installation accessories.


SoundShield™ Efficiency Chart:

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