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 Marine Hose

Marine hose is a vital component of your boat. It's used in place of pipe because it's flexible and it provides for more effective installations in vessels where tight spaces, movement and vibration are a factor.

Marine hose delivers, circulates and discharges the fluids (liquid and gaseous) for most operating systems (engine, generator, exhaust, bilge, drainage, live well, sanitation, potable and gray water, ventilation, gas appliance, climate control, etc.) and they're often connected as an extension of a hole in your boat which may be above or below the water line.

Marine hose must be specially designed with proper formulations and flexible, heavy wall construction to provide the best possible long term performance and resistance to fluids and aging in a tough environment where vibration and movement, heat and cold, ozone, salt air and water are a factor.

Rubco manufactures a wide range of hose products to meets it's clients ever-changing needs. Not only can Rubco manufacture a custom hose to meet your specification, we can also custom brand your product for you.

 Hose Products

Description: Marine hose of highest quality at best possible prices. Click links below for product details and ordering information.

Wonderflex - EPDM (Blue Stripe) / EPSeries 100 EPDM Engine Coolent Hose
Wonderflex - Nitrile Type A2 (Red Stripe) / Series 200 NTLA2 Marine Fuel Fill
U.S.C.G. Type A-1 Fuel Line Hose / Series 280 FLA Fuel Line Hose
Wonderflex Heavy Softwall Marine Exhaust (Blue Stripe) / Series 300 HDSW Wet Marine Exhaust
Clear-Braided PVC, Non-Toxic / Series 410 CBNT PVC Tubing
Clear Vinyl Tubing, Non-Toxic / Series 510 CLNT Cold Potable Water Service

 Stainless Steel Tridon Hose Clamps

Description: Top quality, all stainless steel, for use where corrosion, marine grade, or underground applications are a factor.

Stainless Tridon Hose Clamps / Series 225SS-HC
Sizes 06 to 188. All 300 series. 5/16" hex-slotted screw. 9/16" stainless steel band and stainless steel housing.
Stainless Tridon Hose Clamps / Series 345SS-HC
All stainless miniature clamps. All 300 series are 1/4" hex-slotted screws with a 5/16" stainless band and stainless steel housing. Sizes 04 and 06.

 Hosing, Tubing and Related Materials other than Marine

Rubco also carries hosing, tubing and related materials used in the industrial, construction, automotive and agricultural industries. Some items are in stock while others are available on short notice including:

Flexible duct hose / and accessories Double bolt hose clamps
Automotive coolant / radiator hose (wire and nonwire)   Cam & groove couplings
Chemical hose   Shielded hose clamps
Petroleum hosesuction / Discharge   PVC suction / discharge hose
Garage exhaust hose   Leaf / debris suction hose
Water hosesuction / discharge   All varieties of vinyl tubing
Air hose   Vinyl water discharge hose
Concrete hose   Sheet rubber
Aircraft fuel hose   Foam materials
Material handling hose   Marina fork lift protective Rubber sleeves
Milspec hose   Plastic vacuum hose
Rubber irrigation hose ( 4" to 24")   Rubber corrugated hose

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